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Geodetic Calculator

About the calculator

This BETA release of GeoRepository™ includes a high precision geodetic calculator. The calculator allows you to convert 2D and 3D coordinates from one CRS to another. Currently, the calculator can be accessed by clicking on the calculator button (machine cog icon) which appears in the headers of Projected CRS pages and Transformation pages (see graphic below).

For example, a calculator configure for WGS84 to ED50 Transformations can be accessed by clicking the following calculator button (login required):

calculator icon

To perform other operations, search for the desired projected CRS or datum Transformation and click the calculator button in the header as shown in this screen shot:

geodetic calculator button

Calculator Interface

geodetic calculator screenshot

What currently works in the BETA release

Geodetic Parameter Web Service

The BETA release allows the calculator to be configured automatically from projected CRS definitions and datum transformation definitions.

This means that to use the calculator you first have to access the appropriate Projected CRS definition or Transformation definition.

In addition to the above mentioned limitation, there is a small number of coordinate operations which are not supported by the calculator. Attempts to use these operations result in an explanatory popup. These operations are being actively worked on and will be fully functional in subsequent versions.

New calculator functions in the next version

We are nearing the completion of other calculator features which will allow the calculator to be configured directly without having to visit the CRS or Transformation page.

In the next version, you will be able to select any two CRS' in the database and perform calculations and reverse calculations from one to the other.

Future development roadmap

A host of other features are in development and will be released in subsequent versions of the GeoRepository™. These include:

  • Distance and Bearing Calculations
  • Position B Calculations
  • Point Scale Factor
  • Point Convergance
  • Operation chaining
  • File and list conversions
  • Support for converting shapefiles / GML / DXF etc directly

Request a feature

If you have an idea on how to improve the geodetic calculator or any other features on this site we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via our contact page.