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Coordinate Transformation: Tokyo + JSLD height to WGS 84 (46)
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Tokyo + JSLD height to WGS 84 (46) Open in New Tab
Transformation Details
Name:Tokyo + JSLD height to WGS 84 (46)
Transformation Version:GSI-Jpn 372136
Area Of Use: Japan - 3720'N to 38N; 136E to 137EOpen
Source CRS:Tokyo + JSLD height Open
Target CRS:WGS 84 Open
Transformation parameters:
Parameter Value / File Ref Sign Reversable Unit
Latitude offset 10.67 YES arc-secondOpen
Longitude offset -10.86 YES arc-secondOpen
Geoid undulation 38.5 YES metreOpen
Transformation method: Geographic2D with Height Offsets