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About the Georepository - Geodetic Parameter Repository

Geodetic Web Application

GeoRepository is a powerful web application and tool for searching and displaying geodetic parameters from a range of data sources and authorities. The underlying database is based on an extendible version of the EPSG dataset and is kept up to date with each EPSG release. All parameters available in the GeoRepository (including custom user records) can be used in geodetic calculations with a high precision Geodetic Calculator.

Geodetic Web Service

Geodetic Parameter Web Service

Access to all parameters in the GeoRepository is now available through a SOAP Web Service interface. The GeoRepository SOAP API implements access to all parameters within the registry and includes advanced search methods.

The Geodetic SOAP Web Service can be consumed by any programming language supporting the SOAP protocol. For more information about the web service please contact our team here.

The Company behind the Geo Repository

Geomatic Solutions

The GeoRepository website and Web Application are actively developed, maintained and supported by Geomatic Solutions. Geomatic Solutions are a UK based software house dedicated to providing scientific software solutions for the navigation and positioning community.

For more information please visit the Geomatic Solutions corporate website: http://geomaticsolutions.com

Our Users

GeoRepository can be used by both Corporate clients and public users. Corporate clients typically have their own installation of the GeoRepository server which is customized to reflect their corporate identity. Corporate installations of the GeoRepository can be hosted on a private server and access can be restricted to the corporate, LAN, VPN and authorized personnel only.

Our Team

This service is being actively developed by the Geomatic Solutions software development team. This means that we value your feedback and would love to hear your ideas, complaints and praise. Please contact out team via the contact page.