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Area: Europe - LCC & LAEA
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Europe - LCC & LAEAOpen
Area Details
Area Name:Europe - LCC & LAEA
Area Code:2881
Europe - European Union (EU) countries and candidates. Europe - onshore and offshore: Albania; Andorra; Austria; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; France; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malta; Monaco; Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway including Svalbard and Jan Mayen; Poland; Portugal including Madeira and Azores; Romania; San Marino; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain including Canary Islands; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; United Kingdom (UK) including Channel Islands and Isle of Man; Vatican City State.
84.17 °
-35.58 °
44.83 °
24.6 °