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Change: 1998.11

Change Details
Change Id:1998.11
Report Date:January 25, 2021
Date Closed:January 25, 2021
Reporter:Melita Kennedy; ESRI
Request:Check Pulkovo 1942 geodetic transformations
Comment:The offset in names of single step geod_trf and their trf_nonpoly names has caused confusion. To resolve this all non_polt transformation names will adopt their single step geod_trf name. There may be gaps in the sequencing of trf_nonpoly names.
Action:For trf_nonpoly 1245 and 1275 ED50 to WGS 84 (x); x increased by 2. For 1287-1293 Pulkovo 1942 to WGS 84 (y); y increased by 1.