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Change: 2005.89

Change Details
Change Id:2005.89
Report Date:September 15, 2019
Date Closed:September 15, 2019
Reporter:CHARisten Faber; TU Dresden
Request:Review area definitions.
Action:Extensive changes made to area table records. These are not documented in detail here. Generically these changes include: (i) for all area records with ISO country code and maritime extent, added remarks regarding onshore and offshore extent, and added onshore only records 3212-3332. (ii) clarifications to area of use where ISO 3166 includes dependencies etc. within a country name; (iii) corrections to erroneously-assigned areas. For (i) and (iii), relevant Datum, CRS and Coord Operation records reassigned new area code - these changes not reflected in change ID in these records.