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Change: 2007.072

Change Details
Change Id:2007.072
Report Date:January 21, 2021
Date Closed:January 21, 2021
Request:Update ISO 3166 area codes
Action:For area 2830, amended references to Macao and Serbia and Montenegro. For areas 1147, 2096 and 3172, changed "Macau" to "Macao". Added area records 3532-33. For area 1244, deleted "Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man". For area 2803, added ISO country codes. For area 2988, added "Les Ecrehos and Les Minquiers" to area name. Deprecated areas 2547 3210 and 3305 and added replacements 3534-36. Deprecated area 2804; for tfm 1757 changed area code from 2804 to 1321. For area 1298, changed Serbia and Montenegro to Serbia; Montenegro. For area 1301, changed 'Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro)' to 'Serbia; Montenegro'. For areas 1710 1711 and 2804, amended references to Serbia and Montenegro. For area 1712, deleted Montenegro. For area 2066, deleted Yugoslavia and added Montenegro and Serbia. For tfms 1794 and 1795 changed area code from 2547 to 3536. For area 2370, for area name changed "Europe - Boznia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Serbia; Slovenia" to "Europe - former Yugoslavia"; for area of use added Montenegro and FYR Macedonia.