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Change: 2008.045

Change Details
Change Id:2008.045
Report Date:March 7, 2021
Date Closed:March 7, 2021
Reporter:Dave Waddell
Request:Correct dms abbreviations
Action:Changed text character representation of degree minute second units to symbols ° ' " for Areas (in area name and/or area description fields), CRSs (in remarks), CSs (in name and axis orientation), Datums (in origin and remarks), Prime Meridians (in remarks) and Coordinate Operations (in scope or remarks). Removed inconsistencies in style for records in these fields. Approximately 2000 records are impacted, too numerous to list. Additionally, for datum 6726, in datum origin, corrected minute value of longitude value, for areas 3357, 3359 and 3360, in area of use corrected spelling of Galveston.