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Change: 2012.078

Change Details
Change Id:2012.078
Report Date:September 22, 2020
Date Closed:September 22, 2020
Reporter:Phil Summerfield; ExxonMobil
Request:Amend Europe UTM CRS aliases
Action:For CRSs 3034-35, in EPSG alias removed "ETRS-" and changed naming system from alias to abbreviation; in remarks amended codes. For CRSs 3042 and 3067, in EPSG alias removed "ETRS-". For CRSs 3040-41 and 3046-49, in EPSG alias changed "ETRF89 / TMxx" to "ETRF89 / UTM zone xxN(N-E)". For CRSs 3043-45, added remarks to Germany alternative identifier. For CRS 4647, amended aliases. For CRS 5048, amended remarks. For CRSs 4839 and 5649-53, added aliases.