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Change: 2015.018

Change Details
Change Id:2015.018
Report Date:September 24, 2020
Date Closed:September 24, 2020
Reporter:Thierry Gattacceca; IGN
Request:Review France geogCRS axis order
Comment:Appeal of change request 2014.073 decision upheld. Policy will be that lat-lon will remain the principle system documented in EPSG with lon-lat derived from this on a case by case basis if requested by defining authority.
Action:Added CRSs 7034-42 and 7084-86. For CRSs 4171, 4463, 4466, 4469-70, 4624, 4627, 4965, 4967, 4971 and 5488-89, added alias, amended scope, added remarks. For method 9843 and conversions 15498-99, amended name. For method 9844 amended name and in formula corrected value of rotation matrix element (3,3). For method 9659, in formula added matrix (for consistency with 9843-44). For ellipsoidal coordinate systems 6403 and 6421-31, changed longitude abbreviation from 'long' to 'lon'.