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ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (N-E)
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Projected CRS used in Germany - 6°E to 12°E

ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (N-E) is a projected CRS last revised on May 7, 2021 and is suitable for use in Germany - onshore and offshore between 6°E and 12°E, including Mecklenburg-Vorpommern west of 12°E and Schleswig-Holstein. ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (N-E) uses the ETRS89 geographic 2D CRS as its base CRS and the UTM zone 32N (Transverse Mercator) as its projection. ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (N-E) is a CRS for Zoned CRS covering all Europe. Used for conformal mapping at scales larger than 1:500,000. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern adopted as official system for all purposes from 19/4/2005. It was defined by information from European Commission Joint Research Centre "Map Projections for Europe". http://www.ec-gis.org. ETRS89-LCC (CRS code 3034) used for conformal mapping at 1:500,000 and smaller scales. ETRS89-LAEA (CRS code 3035) used for statistical applications at all scales. See ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (CRS code 25832) for CRS with preferred east-north axis order.

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Projected CRS Details
Name:ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (N-E)
CRS Type:projected
Area Of Use: Germany - 6°E to 12°EOpen
Coordinate System:Cartesian 2D CS. Axes: northing, easting (N,E). Orientations: north, east. UoM: m.
Base Geographic CRS:ETRS89 Open in New Tab
Projection:UTM zone 32NOpen in New Tab