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Geographic 3D CRS used in New Caledonia

RGNC91-93 is a geographic 3D CRS last revised on January 18, 2021 and is suitable for use in New Caledonia - onshore and offshore. Isle de Pins, Loyalty Islands, Huon Islands, Belep archipelago, Chesterfield Islands, and Walpole. RGNC91-93 uses the Reseau Geodesique de Nouvelle Caledonie 91-93 as its datum. RGNC91-93 is a CRS for Geodetic survey. It was defined by information from Service Topographique de la Nouvelle Caledonie, Direction des Infrastructures, de la Topographie et des Transports Terrestres. www.dittt.gouv.nc. Replaces older local 2D systems IGN56 Lifou, IGN72 Grande Terre, ST87 Ouvea, IGN53 Mare, ST84 Ile des Pins, ST71 Belep and NEA74 Noumea (CRS codes 4633, 4641-44, 4662 and 4750).

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Geographic 3D CRS Details
CRS Type:geographic 3D
Area Of Use: New CaledoniaOpen
Datum: Reseau Geodesique de Nouvelle Caledonie 91-93Open
Coordinate System:Ellipsoidal 3D CS. Axes: latitude, longitude, ellipsoidal height. Orientations: north, east, up. UoM: degree, degree, metre.
Base Geographic CRS:RGNC91-93 Open in New Tab
Projection:geocentric to geographic3DOpen in New Tab