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Geographic 2D CRS used in Iceland

ISN2004 is a geographic 2D CRS last revised on November 29, 2020 and is suitable for use in Iceland - onshore and offshore. ISN2004 uses the Islands Net 2004 as its datum. ISN2004 is a CRS for Horizontal component of 3D system. It was defined by information from OGP. See 3D CRS for original information source.. Replaces ISN93 (CRS code 4659).

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Geographic 2D CRS Details
CRS Type:geographic 2D
Area Of Use: IcelandOpen
Datum: Islands Net 2004Open
Coordinate System:Ellipsoidal 2D CS. Axes: latitude, longitude. Orientations: north, east. UoM: degree
Base Geographic CRS:ISN2004 Open in New Tab
Projection:geographic3D to geographic2DOpen in New Tab