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Projected CRS used in Turkey

TUREF / LAEA Europe is a projected CRS last revised on September 22, 2020 and is suitable for use in Turkey - onshore and offshore. TUREF / LAEA Europe uses the TUREF geographic 2D CRS as its base CRS and the Europe Equal Area 2001 (Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area) as its projection. TUREF / LAEA Europe is a CRS for Single projection for all Europe. Used for statistical mapping at all scales and other purposes where true area representation is required. It was defined by information from OGP. At applicable scales and usages, may be considered consistent with ETRS89 / LAEA Europe (CRS code 3035).

TUREF / LAEA Europe Open in New Tab
Projected CRS Details
Name:TUREF / LAEA Europe
CRS Type:projected
Area Of Use: TurkeyOpen
Coordinate System:Cartesian 2D CS. Axes: northing, easting (Y,X). Orientations: north, east. UoM: m.
Base Geographic CRS:TUREF Open in New Tab
Projection:Europe Equal Area 2001Open in New Tab