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WGS 84 (G873)
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Geographic 3D CRS used in World

WGS 84 (G873) is a geographic 3D CRS last revised on January 18, 2021 and is suitable for use in World. WGS 84 (G873) uses the World Geodetic System 1984 (G873) as its datum. WGS 84 (G873) is a CRS for Used for GPS satellite navigation (broadcast ephemeris) from 1997-01-29 to 2002-01-19. (Precise ephemeris from 1996-09-29 to 2002-01-19). It was defined by information from NIMA TR8350.2 and NGA STND 0036 v1.0.0 of 2014-10-27.. Replaces WGS 84 (G730) (CRS code 7657) from 1997-01-29. Replaced by WGS 84 (G1150) (CRS code 7661) from 2002-01-20.

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Geographic 3D CRS Details
Name:WGS 84 (G873)
CRS Type:geographic 3D
Area Of Use: WorldOpen
Datum: World Geodetic System 1984 (G873)Open
Coordinate System:Ellipsoidal 3D CS. Axes: latitude, longitude, ellipsoidal height. Orientations: north, east, up. UoM: degree, degree, metre.
Base Geographic CRS:WGS 84 (G873) Open in New Tab
Projection:geocentric to geographic3DOpen in New Tab