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Features of the Geodetic Parameter Repository


GeoRepository is a powerful web application and tool for searching and displaying geodetic parameters from a range of data sources and authorities. The underlying database is based on an extendible version of the EPSG dataset and is kept up to date with each EPSG release. All parameters available in the GeoRepository (including custom user records) can be used in geodetic calculations with a high precision Geodetic Calculator.

*NEW Free version for public users

Public users can now access many features of the GeoRepository at no cost. Access to extra features can be obtain by completing a free registration process here.

EPSG Database


The GeoRepository database is based on and extends the EPSG dataset. The EPSG dataset is maintained by the OPG. It provides and maintains the only definitive collection of geodetic parameters in existence. The OPG issues bi-annual updates to this dataset. The OPG enforces Strict policies on the inclusion and deprecation of records and maintains full meta-data for each record including a revision date, data source, description, versioning and deprecation onfo.

Powerful Search Functions

GeoRepository boasts a powerful suite of search tools. These search functions are designed to provide fast access to relevant data by using one of several search modes:

Map Search with satelite imagery
Map Search with hi-detail zoom

Coordinate reference systems and other geodetic objects are designed to be used within a specified area of the earth's surface. Map Search allows you to pan and zoom around a map of the world and select a specific location on which to base your search.

The resulting search results will show only the coordinate reference systems, map projections and coordinate transformations which can be used at the specified location.

GeoLocation API
Map search also supports the GeoLocation API so you can search for geodetic records relevant to your current location with a single click of a button. This feature works on most modern browsers and mobile devices equiped with GPS.
Name and Alias Search
Various data sources often refer to geodetic parameters by abbreviation and alternate notation. GeoRepository includes a smart search algorythm which takes into account alias data and abbreviations.
Tabbed Search Results
Tabbed Search Results The Georepository geodetic parameter database contains a multitude of information about geodetic objects such as datums, ellipsoids, projected CRS-s, geographic CRS-s, datum shifts/coordinate transformations and map projections. Tabbed search results organize the resulting information into tabs allowing you to quickly navigate to the search results which you are interested in while hiding the rest out of sight.

Extendable Dataset

The GeoRepository web application is designed to allow registered users to securely share custom geodetic parameters within colleagues within their group or organization. Srict security protocols are in place to ensure that custom records remain private and accessible only to authorized personnel. Extend EPS with custom data

High-precision Coordinate Conversions

Integrated into GeoRepsitory is a high-precision web-based geodetic calculator. The calculator can be configured to convert single coordinates and files from any coordinate reference system available in the repository. This includes custom records entered by the user.

  • Hi-precision proprietary conversion algorithms
  • Supports custom CRS-s, projections and coordinate transformations
  • Friendly, easy to use interface
  • Fully supports de-projection and reverse transformation

Geodetic Calculator