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GeoRepository - Geodetic Parameter Repository

With effect from 6th October 2020 this web site will be closed down.
You are invited to experience the new site which can be found at epsg.org.

Geomatic Solutions has created a new much enhanced site for International Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) which is free for public use. The new site adopts the latest ISO 19111:2019 data model which provides a sustainable solution for the next generation of geo-spatial data definitions.

To use the site you will have to re-register using the registration options provided. We hope you enjoy the features of the new site and we welcome any feedback you may wish to provide.

What is GeoRepository?

GeoRepository is a powerful web application and tool for searching and displaying geodetic parameters from a range of data sources and authorities. The underlying database is based on an extendible version of the EPSG dataset and is kept up to date with each EPSG release. All parameters available in the GeoRepository (including custom user records) can be used in geodetic calculations with a high precision Geodetic Calculator.