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Projection: geographic3D to geographic2D
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Projection Details
Name:geographic3D to geographic2D
Area Of Use: WorldOpen
Conversion method: Geographic3D to 2D conversion
Parameter Value Reversable Unit
Scope: For geographic 3D to geographic 2D conversions.
Applicable CRS-s: The following CRS are based on this projection:
[TWD97] [IGRS] [MOLDREF99] [RGRDC 2005] [SREF98] [REGCAN95] [Moznet] [Hartebeesthoek94] [CHTRF95] [NAD83(HARN)] [Yemen NGN96] [NZGD2000] [SIRGAS 1995] [RGF93] [IRENET95] [Australian Antarctic] [EST97] [REGVEN] [POSGAR 98] [ETRS89] [GDA94] [WGS 72] [WGS 72BE] [WGS 84] [RGSPM06] [RGM04] [Cadastre 1997] [Mexico ITRF92] [China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000] [RRAF 1991] [JGD2000] [NAD83(CSRS)] [SWEREF99] [RGFG95] [RGR92] [ISN93] [LKS92] [LKS94] [IGM95] [SIRGAS 2000] [Lao 1993] [Lao 1997] [PRS92] [MAGNA-SIRGAS] [RGPF] [POSGAR 94] [Mauritania 1999] [Korea 2000] [PZ-90] [GDM2000] [GR96] [RGNC91-93] [LGD2006] [DGN95] [JAD2001] [NAD83(NSRS2007)] [WGS 66] [HTRS96] [BDA2000] [RSRGD2000] [Slovenia 1996] [PTRA08] [GDBD2009] [TUREF] [DRUKREF 03] [ISN2004] [POSGAR 2007] [MARGEN] [SIRGAS-Chile] [CR05] [MACARIO SOLIS] [Peru96] [SIRGAS-ROU98] [SIRGAS_ES2007.8] [RGAF09] [PNG94] [UCS-2000] [FEH2010] [DB_REF] [TGD2005] [CIGD11] [CGRS93] [NAD83(2011)] [NAD83(PA11)] [NAD83(MA11)] [Mexico ITRF2008] [JGD2011] [RDN2008] [NAD83(CORS96)] [IG05 Intermediate CRS] [IG05/12 Intermediate CRS] [RGTAAF07] [IGD05] [IGD05/12] [ONGD14] [GSK-2011] [Kyrg-06] [BGS2005] [GDA2020] [St. Helena Tritan] [SHGD2015]