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Projection: Europe Equal Area 2001
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Projection Details
Name:Europe Equal Area 2001
Area Of Use: Europe - LCC & LAEAOpen
Conversion method: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
Parameter Value Reversable Unit
Latitude of natural origin 52 YES degreeOpen
Longitude of natural origin 10 YES degreeOpen
False easting 4321000 YES metreOpen
False northing 3210000 YES metreOpen
Scope: Single projection for all Europe. Used for statistical mapping at all scales and other purposes where true area representation is required.
Applicable CRS-s: The following CRS are based on this projection:
[ETRS89 / LAEA Europe] [PTRA08 / LAEA Europe] [REGCAN95 / LAEA Europe] [TUREF / LAEA Europe] [ISN2004 / LAEA Europe]